Welcome to the Dress Code, a premium coaching group for inventory-based solopreneurs. My name is Claire Wessels, and I've been a LuLaRoe retailer since May, 2016. Prior to that, I worked in software development, data analysis, customer service, training & QA, and retail. I've spent the past year providing training to groups and individuals, many within LuLaRoe and others not, in my spare time. I am ecstatic to now be able to openly offer my extensive experience and knowledge to you! My vision is to empower small business owners just like you to work smarter and not harder, targeting your efforts on the most important activities that directly impact your bottom line.

Membership in Dress Code will expand your business knowledge and increase your inventory turnover rate (the speedometer of your business) by focusing on 4 main pillars of retail operations: INVENTORY MANAGEMENT, OPERATIONS, CUSTOMER SERVICE, and MARKETING.

As a member, you will receive:

  • Weekly Training Modules
  • Daily Group Coaching Discussions
  • Daily Tip of the Day Posts
  • Weekly 1:1 Office Hours
  • Weekly Recap Newsletter
  • Access to other industry experts and SMEs!
Dress Code has also partnered with Shoppe to bring you a completely FREE Wholesale Marketplace - an easy to use forum for buying/selling inventory to fellow retailers. Use it to offload stale inventory or retire a style, backfill holes in your inventory with hand-selected pieces, and fulfill customer ISO requests. Additionally, Dress Code members will receive special pricing when they upgrade to Shoppe Pro, their beautiful e-commerce platform for direct sellers.

Membership is $20/mo (or $197/yr) and there are no contracts or other commitments. So you can join today and try it for a month, completely risk-free. Please note: There are limited spaces available. Once they are filled, your name will be placed on a waiting list for admittance once additional spots become available.

Ready to get started?! Just complete and submit the form below. If space is available, you will be sent the subscription information within 24 hours!
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